Interior Remodeling

Move or remodel?

It happens suddenly, over a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper, or perhaps as you make your way across the obstacle course of clutter that was once your living room. Your house doesn’t fit your needs, and you can no longer deny it.

Interior remodeling. Time to make a hard decision, one potentially worth thousands of dollars. Should you move, or should you remodel? Dan Fritschen, author of “Remodel or Move,” says the typical family faces this decision several times in life.

The first milestone tends to be when children arrive. “The standard American lifestyle is to buy a starter house, but when kids come along that starter house may not be big enough anymore,” Fritschen says.Children become teens, and shared accommodations soon feel more like an invasion of privacy than a slumber party.

Within a few years a third challenge hits: college. As children move away for school or into their own apartments, the large, teenager-friendly house suddenly feels too big. It may be time to downsize or perhaps convert Junior’s bedroom into that hobby utopia you always dreamed about.

Finally, families often face the prospect of becoming caretakers for an aging relative, or perhaps a spouse falls ill and the home needs to become more accessible. Time for yet another change.

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