Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen.

Sure, they are boxes with shelves, drawers, and doors, but they are your kitchen’s furniture, and they should be built to last with a design that represents the personality of their owner.

Who wants to live with a home that’s out of a box when you can have one that’s out of this world? By choosing an experienced craftsperson to create your custom cabinets, your new cabinetry will be an extension of your personality, lifestyle and individuality.

A custom cabinetmaker will work closely with you to design, build and install cabinetry that perfectly fits your needs and personal tastes. The right cabinetmaker can give a whole new layout to your home with the right materials, fixtures and finishes chosen specifically for you.

Authorized Dealer

House Guys is the authorized dealer for the following lines of professional cabinetry and stone countertops. These options provide a quality level and price point for every budget.

We look forward to the opportunity of discussing your remodeling or building ideas with you.  We can provide the highest level of design, quality, craftsmanship and customer service for your project …. all within our company.  Give us a call today.

In addition to the ability to completely customize cabinetry suited to your every need, choosing a custom cabinetmaker gives you the opportunity to:

  • Be 100% involved in the design process.
  • Use the best quality materials of your choice.
  • Access a greater variety of products and accessories to completely personalize your project and suit any special needs.

And the best part about your custom cabinetry is the high quality products that are used by your selective cabinetmaker with an extraordinary attention to detail. Especially when compared to stock or prefabricated cabinets, your custom cabinetry will be strong, durable and perfectly constructed.

Take a better look at the comparison between custom and stock cabinets:

Custom Cabinetry

  • High quality materials.
  • Custom fit. Utilizing all available space.
  • Built locally.
  • Endless options – including green alternatives.
  • Work with a detailed and thorough designer or contractor.

Prefabricated Cabinets

  • Often lower grade, cost cutting materials.
  • Standard sizes. Uses fillers to fit.
  • Shipped from regional distribution centers.
  • Stock materials, limited choices.
  • Place order over the phone or in showroom.

While the options in stock cabinetry are expanding, the main difference is still quality. Only a custom cabinetmaker works with you to perfectly design a kitchen that fits your needs then follows a hands-on process with the best materials and greatest attention to detail. For complete, top quality kitchen cabinets that could be made just for you, contact a custom cabinetmaker today.

Limitless Kitchen Design Options


1. Built to Last – Custom cabinets are made by skilled cabinet makers by hand – not on assembly lines.  Cabinet makers take pride in their work, using quality materials for a finished product that’s a work of art.  Custom cabinets are quality construction that’s built to last. Custom cabinetry uses quality plywood while stock cabinetry is usually made of particle board and glued, nailed or screwed together.

2. Local Sourcing – If you are concerned about the origin of the wood used for your cabinets, then you immediately see the benefit of custom cabinetry. You have a much broader choice of wood for your project including using local or domestic hardwoods that lessen the impact on the environment.

3. Elements you need – none that you don’t – You can choose the elements that work best for you. You don’t have to settle for average dimensions. If you are 5’1” tall, you can order smaller cabinets to place your countertops at the right height for optimal leverage when preparing food. If you are 6’5” you can order taller cabinets. Have a variety of heights in your home? You can order cabinets in many sizes to accommodate all members of your household.

You can select unique cabinet and drawer combinations that fit your cooking and baking style creating a more efficient kitchen. For example, your kitchen can incorporate a cutlery cabinet, spice cabinet, cookie sheet cabinet, trash drawer, pullout cutting boards, wine rack, or island cabinetry that opens from both sides.

4. Personal Selection – Stock cabinets may include “hundreds of combinations” but you are still limited by the product availability. Custom cabinets provide you with a personal customized selection of wood, style, finish, and hardware to address your goals and needs. Stock cabinetry is made in an assembly line in batches at different times and often results in non-matching materials and finishes. Custom cabinetry is made per order with hand selected woods and is all finished at the same time.

5. Built to Fit – Have an unusual kitchen layout or an unconventional floor plan? Stock cabinets are designed for stock kitchen sizes, so if you have wall left over, you’ll need fillers in these areas. Fillers, while they have their place should be used sparingly as needed.  Custom cabinets can be built to any size you specify, which makes all of your spaces usable, taking advantage of nearly every inch in your kitchen. Custom cabinets give you a fitted look unavailable with stock cabinetry.