Meet House Guys…

Meet House Guys…

Remodeling Projects

The House Guys philosophy starts with listening to the homeowner’s ideas.  Developing a working plan that will produce the improvements expected, while staying close to the budget, puts the project in motion.  There are many details and steps involved before the design becomes reality.

New Construction

New home construction works in a similar way involving extra planning and details. Picking a site, house plan,  modifications and finishes are all part of the experience.  Similar to a remodel just on a larger scale.  However, the objective remains to give the homeowner their desire.

Getting Started

Some projects only require a simple sketch to build a boot bench at the entry; some will have detailed drawings and material lists for an addition or new home and some of the most satisfying ones come from the magazine pictures and idea book that the homeowner has been collecting and now the time has come to start work.

Give us a call  to learn how this process will work on your project.  We take pride in guiding our clients in the direction that should be taken with their improvement requests.

Our consultations have been described as the reason we were chosen over our competitors. 

Don’t hesitate to let us help you.