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Quality Craftsmanship Services 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and reinforce our commitment to high standards through ongoing education and experience.

We strive to establish a relationship with our clients based on trust and integrity. The more you know about what is involved and how it is done, the more likely you can confidently make an informed decision.

Whether an addition, historic renovation, energy efficiency improvements or remodeling, we maintain the highest standards and see each project through, from inception to completion, with an unerring eye to detail. See our testimonials.

House Guys LLC Remodeling and Construction company provides quality craftsmanship services to the Sedalia, Missouri and surrounding West Central Missouri area.  The remodeling and construction projects we offer cover most homeowner requests.  We specialize in restoration and preservation of historic and older homes,  beautiful kitchens and baths, room additions and spaces for outdoor living.  

Whether it is a major construction project or a simple repair please contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas.  We make a commitment to your project ensuring your requirements and dreams are met with professional business practices and skills.


The reality of owning a home is the certainty that eventually an update, problem, or repair will need attention.  Improvements are part of the “joy” of homeownership.

At House Guys, we find solutions.  No matter whether your need is in better function or adding a more pleasing appearance, we expect our service to provide the answer.

For Your Safety

House Guys LLC is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to “Conduct Lead-Based Paint Activities/or Renovations”.

We are proud to be able to assure our clients that we comply with the law and are certified by the EPA in performing renovations to their homes in the prescribed methods for your health and safety.

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